Why some gymgoers fall short of their goals

Lets face it, we’ve all had our minds made up at some point in our journey that we are getting in the best shape of our lives. Then life happens…again. This day in age, there is much going on in the daily life of the daily hard-working person.

We start with the best of intentions. Researching workout plans, dieting tactics, workout videos and a trip to the local nutrition store.

Now it’s time to sign up or reactivate our memberships.

Our checklist is completed!

Considering we all do at least one of these actions, why do some gym-goers fall short of their goals?

1- The habitual workout routine

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Our bodies are made to adjust to anything. So what is the trick to break through that plateau?  The simple answer is change it up! Now, I don’t mean switch your back and bicep day to a Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Switch up your whole routine entirely! Lifting heavier weight on the same routine does not remedy the problem either.  In fact, that could result to injury if its too much weight and with not good form. The first days at the gym are going great! The ol’ trusty routine we been doing since high school still feels the same! Your body begins to make small changes slowly. We are excited to see some fat loss, have muscle soreness and feeling really good about it! Then something happens..The scale begins to stay on the same number.   We are not getting to our goal as fast as we want.  It seems our body is beginning to get used to the command we are giving. You begin to hear the light knocks of discouragement at your door.

Of course when we start working out either for the first time or again, our body responds really well.  After sometime, the change begins to slow because we are not keeping the body guessing. The body has muscle memory and knows what it takes to perform the function you are wanting while expecting to see the muscle bump grow!

Take your time and really educate yourself on how you can get your body to the next level.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone at your local gym you want to look like and what exercises they are doing. People are always willing to help other people with fitness goals and ideas.  Chances are they are doing a totally different split then you are.  Educating yourself on different movements and exercises really puts a lot in perspective.

2- Not eating with a purpose 

First and foremost, let me just say, when you’re first starting out on your diet, stay away from the fast-food!! We all see the genius branding and marketing ploys on how juicy the burger is or how cheap the chicken nuggets are on sale for. Truth is, who cares! The deck is already stacked against us from all the processed food in the US.  We are a very busy society that wants everything lighting speed, instant gratification is our mantra, and not everyone likes to cook daily or eat healthy.

The way I see it, fast-food is an addiction that is taking the world by storm. There is a reason why the best athletes and the Jillian Michaels’ of the world do not touch it. Some people would say that moderation is an option or if it fits your macros (IIFYM). I consider it torture to only have one slice of pizza.

The simple answer is to meal prep. Meal prepping is not hard.  Finding a parking spot at the local grocery store to buy your food is probably the hardest part of it..Again, do some research and see what other people suggest. Here’s a tip, go online and look up “eating clean” and i’ll bet you find ideas you can do.  Yes, it will take some time to cook and pack it for the week but it saves you from buying junk food, time and of course money.  Replace the crunchy potato chips with crunchy celery sticks.  Most of your success will come from what you are feeding your body. The food you eat impacts more than just your body. Your thoughts and attitude will be subject to as well.

Fast-food simply slows you down. I’m pretty sure if you look it up, the definition would be sluggish and a waste of time. So put that burger down and really invest in the food you eat. Your body is your temple. Make sure you give it what it needs to achieve your fitness goals.

3- Dedicated to the fitness vision for only a moment

There will be days when you want to give up. There will be days when you come home from work and want to skip the workout.. There will be days when a night out with friends will hinder your motivation to get up the next morning and go. There will be days when things happen out of your power you can’t help. Newsflash, we all have lives and deal with the exact same issues!

So what can we do to avoid the mental ruts that say it’s easier to Netflix and chill then to leg day and treadmill. (yeah, that was a joke) Surround yourself with likeminded people. I cannot stress that enough.  Discouraging thoughts sometimes come from people who do not understand why you would rather eat that salmon with a salad then to have the pretentious dish at the new restaurant in the city.  They will not understand why you are not drinking while you’re out with co-workers at happy hour when you didn’t even want to go in the first place.

Family functions can be the same way. We never want to hurt grandma’s feelings because we chose not eat her chocolate cake or aunt Mary’s famous four cheese lasagna.

Yes, the struggle is real but nothing comes easy that is worth having. We have our good and bad days but when the bad days arise, take it head on! Days when the weight seems heavier than last week or your energy levels are lower are the days when gains come.

Keep your thoughts positive and watch things that you can benefit from.  YouTube is one avenue that I am constantly looking at because there are plethora fitness vloggers that are telling their journey and experiencing the same daily things you are. They will give you some good advice of how they handle adversity.

We will fall. It is inevitable. Injury, binge eating/drinking, getting sick, etc. Bouncing back can be easy. Find your why again.

There comes a time when we all face a turning point in our lives of getting healthy. Whether it comes from your spouse, parent, doctor or yourself, be ready to accept the challenge.

There is a reason why you feel so much better after a great workout. The body is not meant to stay stagnant. Keep yourself in motion and your goals in your thoughts daily.

Leave a comment below telling me how you keep yourself from falling short of your fitness goals. How do you keep your body guessing and progressing? How do you avoid temptation from unhealthy foods and stay dedicated to the lifestyle?


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