How to Stay Active During Your Holiday Travels

Whether you are traveling across the country to visit your family or only driving an hour to spend the holidays at your parent’s house, your regular gym routine + diet has the possibility of vanishing quicker than you can say ho ho hold up! Let’s face it, in the event of a stare down between you and an Oreo Truffle Ball, the Truffle Ball is going to win…every time.

While we are still creating our much anticipated mobile fitness app, here are a few of our favorite things we have put together for you this holiday season!In order to not fall down a deep hole filled with gravy, mashed potatoes, and turkey during your holiday travels, you have to sit down and reflect on your goals and create a plan to stay active. Being away from your home gym doesn’t have to be your excuse this holiday season! Couple this post with 3 Tips to help you not overeat during the holidays, and you’ll be able to skate through the season.

Bodyweight Exercises/Circuits

These exercises are something that you can take away from the holidays instead of that extra poundage. Include timed bodyweight circuits to mix up your weekly routine and burn fat by doing timed circuits. No equipment necessary. Rest only 30-40 seconds between sets.

Circuit One – 5 sets

Plank-60 seconds

Mountain Climbers-30 reps

Wall Squat-45 seconds

Bodyweight Lunge-30 reps

Circuit Two – 4 sets

Jumping jacks -15 reps

Push Up-15 reps

Body Weight Squats-15 reps per leg

Crunches-30 reps

Shadow jump rope (no rope)-45 seconds

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Want to create your own circuits? Don’t want to click through multiple websites to find them all? Here’s a list of 50 of the top bodyweight exercises.


We all need an active rest day, so why not explore the area you are staying in? There’s nothing like a quick run or hike to discover a hidden gem you wouldn’t otherwise find. AllTrails and MapMyHike are two apps that display local trails and allow you to create your own trails via GPS.

Family Sports

Get your granny involved! Soccer, football, kickball, etc. Fitness doesn’t need to be a solo venture. Not to mention, you will torch calories being competitive with your siblings, but remember to control yourself because you’re an “adult”.


You can modify your practice to be either as vigorous as HIIT by doing a Baptiste style class or much more relaxed with a focus on perfecting your pose. We all need to stretch in order to avoid cramping and injury, so why not in between wrapping presents?

Below you will find beginners’ poses to master. The most important thing to remember while doing these sequences is to BREATHE. This advice also comes in handy when you are hanging out with your family.

High Plank

Low Plank

Downward Facing Dog

Cobra Pose

Tree Pose

Chair Pose

Warrior I

Warrior II

Child’s Pose

Locust Pose

Fish Pose

If all else fails, take a few days off and don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone needs time for their body to recover and decompress from the constant grind/lack of Oreo Truffle Balls.  There is a reason many of us make a New Year’s resolution to get or stay healthy! Do you have any methods that help you stay active during your holiday travels? Please feel free to share with us below! Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays!


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