I earned my yoga teacher certification in December of 2015 from the Yoga Institute in Houston, TX and have been practicing yoga myself for about 12 years. I went on to get my Yin Yoga certificate from the Svasta Yoga School in November 2016 I believe that yoga can be used to align the mind, body and spirit and that is how I teach. I like to focus on mindfulness throughout class and usually throw in a meditation somewhere in practice. I encourage students to find their edge while still listening to their body and meeting it where it is that day. I love having students of all ability and experience levels in my class and believe in offering both challenges and modifications in poses and letting the student find their version of the pose within that. I love to create connection with my students and provide a safe place for them to explore their practice.
It’s all about taking time to calm the mind, get present and just be, no judgment.