3 Tips to help you not overeat and gain weight during the holidays

ts that time of year again! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning colors and the smell of pumpkin is in the air! With the seasons changing, comes the season of more family and friend gatherings, comfort foods, adult beverages and bulking season for all you body building enthusiasts.

Indulging a little too much can ruin some of the handwork you have been putting in to lose those pounds and inches! So how can we avoid falling for the third slice of pie, your kids halloween candy, or a few too many Octoberfest brew?

Here are three tips to help you not overeat during the upcoming holiday season

1 – Prepare for the day

Thursday night is here. You are driving home from work, excitedly because tomorrow is Friday! You are making plans with friends or co-workers to go out and have dinner at the new Italian restaurant in the city. You have already looked over the menu on Wednesday and picked out your starter and main course, along with the creamiest dessert! Oh, and don’t forget the bottle of  red wine you were so eagerly wanting!

For many people who don’t have an exact limit on their macronutrient intake or calorie count, this doesn’t seem so bad. Until you add up the bowl of pasta with the creamy sauce, bread, dessert, wine, etc.

We all love tasty food and the experience of a nice restaurant. Especially during the holiday season. Before you aimlessly go out and possibly overeat, make sure you plan a day ahead. Track what you are going to eat and write it down. Look it up on myfitnesspal and see what your exact macronutrients or calorie count is. This way you can make sure to save up for the day by eating healthier options. For example,  oatmeal for breakfast and a healthy salad for lunch. Now you will have a lot of numbers left to play with. You will not feel so guilty about it and actually appreciate it more and enjoy every bite and sip.

2 – Satisfied and Substitutions

 When I was a kid, my parents always told me to finish my entire plate of food. I was not allowed to leave the table until it was all gone. This mental concept has been instilled in a lot of us from childhood. Even as an adult now, we still result to eating the entire plate of food with no question. Our bodies have been trained to eat it all instead of eating when we are no longer hungry. This causes a lot of people to overeat and take excess calories we may not need.

It does take some work to be able to tell yourself to stop when you’re no longer hungry. We tend to start eating for flavor well after we are already full.

Thankfully, there are many healthier options on foods you can eat without the excess calories. Considering if you are in the mood for some hearty pasta, there is a healthier choice to indulge in! Try substituting regular pasta for spaghetti squash. This has fewer carbohydrates and you can eat twice as much without overloading carbs, overeating and taste just as good. There are a lot of healthier choices to substitute on foods. There are more and more food companies coming out that help with this.  Just do a little bit of homework and find out the healthier alternatives for the not so healthy options.

3 – Meal prepping

I know, you might not like to cook! Truth is, a lot of people don’t or really don’t know how. Luckily, there is a solution for that! First, if you do know how to cook, put together a menu you enjoy and thats healthy. This will not only keep you accountable but stop you from spending so much on eating out.

Go to the grocery store and buy healthy foods in bulk. Prepare everything on a Sunday and then just refrigerate it for the week. If you don think you will eat all it all through the week, put it in the freezer. The standard chicken, broccoli and brown rice is the mecca for healthy meals. It is easy to cook and very nutritious. However, we get bored… fast. Nowadays, there are companies out there that deliver fresh and healthy meals right to your front door.  I utilize a few myself. One local company here in Houston called CompleteEats and one out of Frisco, TX called Icon Meals.

There are also companies that deliver single healthy meal ingredients like blueapron.com or hellofresh.com. So many choices to chose from. You don’t have to fall victim to fast-food or unhealthy options. By meal prepping for the week, you now know how many macronutrients or calories you are getting. Make sure you know how many calories you need for your body to function properly. Once you know that, you can either take away or add calories depending on what you are wanting to do.

We all love the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose what we worked so hard for over the year. Its very easy to overeat and fall into a pit of bad food. We tend to do this on a daily basis. I truly feel that it becomes an addiction and very hard to break. Keep everything in moderation. If you happen to indulge more than once, that is ok. Get back on track and make sure you are partaking in some type of exercise.

The three options are very easy to handle and maintain. Don’t make excuses that you don’t have enough time as that is just being lazy.  There are other many alternatives out there to chose from. Try all three of these options and see which one is right for you! Let us know what you decide and feel free to give us some feedback if you have other tricks that help you. Enjoy your holidays this year and keep living the healthy lifestyle!


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